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A little bit about me...



I’m a fully qualified health and fitness trainer providing high quality fitness programmes for women.

I love sport and exercise; they have always been an integral part of my everyday life and I am a keen triathlete. After 12 years in marketing, I took the decision to refocus my career in the direction of that passion. My aim is to help people to become healthier, fitter, and stronger individuals as they work towards their personal goals.

I am Mum to two kids (1 year and 3 years). I know first hand the difficulty of fitting in exercise and maintaining a healthy diet whilst having a busy schedule. I am passionate in helping people fit exercise into their lives, hit their goals and work towards a fitter and healthier liefstyle.

My qualifications

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Post Natal Exercise Programming


"I have always been very bad at training and finding consistency to exercise, I would always find a good excuse not to do it. Until I found Jess! she is the only fitness person that has managed to get me going for 6 months every single week. Jess understood what the best way to push my limits were without scaring me off! she prepares really fun routines everyweek, she respects specific exercise you dont like and find fun alternatives to reach your goals. I have lost 9 kilos since I started as she also motivated me to follow a healthy diet, she would also send me support routines for me to do at home. The fist time I have been looking forward to excercise weekly, she is super nice, professional and a very good listener as I talk a lot! I cannot recommend her enough!" ~ Bea

"I started training with Jess a few months after the birth of my baby. Jess makes you feel really at ease and pushes you in an engaging, rather than pushy, way. Her sessions are varied and work all parts of the body and utilises the full hour.
She was super accommodating with session times and also with me bringing my baby to sessions, even entertaining him from time to time! 
I really enjoyed my sessions with Jess"
  ~ Gabby

"Jess helped me get fit for the London Marathon.  As this was my first marathon, Jess was extremely patient. She took time to understand my running ability and offered advice on what time I should realistically aim for. After an initial consultation, Jess provided me with a monthly training plan which was adapted each month based on my performance and feedback. There are many highs and lows when training for a marathon, but Jess was always there to offer support and advice, from niggling injuries to motivation. 16 weeks later, I completed the marathon within my target time. It was a once in a lifetime experience which I’ll never forget and something I wouldn’t have been able to achieve if it wasn’t for Jess’s training expertise" ~ Ben

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